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They have been labelled 'Dateless' registrations due to the fact that the letter or number combinations do not indicate the year of issue. This clever search facility allows you to see at a … Dateless Registrations To filter the result by a letter or number combination, first select the letter or number you wish the combination to start with, then select your preferred combination. You will find here a few notes and forms required for the procedure to transfer Platehunter is a trading name of Supplied to You Ltd. The first registrations issued to vehicles were of a format where one letter was followed by a single number. We currently have many dateless number plates available to buy online today in our "3x3" range (3 letters and 3 numbers, either way around). Apart from their appeal on cost and style, dateless number plates are also popular because they effectively camouflage the real age of a vehicle. TF7 4NH. 9 The Foxes, Telford. In summary, a dateless number plate is one which contains a letter or sequence of letters, a space, and then a number or combination of numbers. Registration numbers that contain and "I" or "Z" originate from Northern Ireland, and are also classed as ‘dateless’. Registered in England 08865745. combinations. Number plates that are described as "dateless" show no reference to the very first registration date of a vehicle and are therefore not providing an indication to the age of the vehicle. This type of plate is often referred to as a 'cherished number plate'. 01543 433 455. Purveyor of the finest and most prestigious registration numbers Dateless number plates, particularly those from Northern Ireland, are so popular they sell very quickly – perhaps not surprising bearing in mind they can be purchased for around £100 plus Transfer, plus VAT. DATELESS Number Plates. These Irish plates may also be fitted to cars in England, Scotland and Wales and are very popular with people who wish to hide the age of their cars, as they don't have an obvious year letter. Every plate is unique, which means that there cannot be two of the same plate, even with dateless variants. Please choose the options below to start building your number plate from scratch: 1 Your Reg. BOLDreg. We also can arrange the transfer of any number plate onto your vehicle with the process taking as little as 14 days. With a dateless private reg plate, nobody needs to know when your car was manufactured or how old it is. Our dateless plates are categorised according to whether they were issued in Northern Ireland or in another region of the UK … Bargain Dateless Number Plates Contrary to what many people believe, dateless personalised registrations can be found at very low prices. Dateless number plates have continued to be popular because they are easily available and lend a charming air of nostalgia to the motoring experience. Widely available and often less costly than dateless registrations. The arrival of the Internet has made it easy to find dateless number plates at competitive prices and online dealers can supply a vast array of dateless number plates from mainland Britain and from Northern Ireland that will suit most budgets. Private Number Plates. ⭐This is a dateless private number plate which can be assigned to any aged vehicle ⭐ Ideal for someone with the initials of WDT or used as a cover plate to hide the age of a vehicle. Your vehicle will look forever young - well, from a number plate perspective. As the name suggests, dateless number plates have no 'date' or year identifier. Dateless style registrations do not refer to the year that a vehicle was first registered. It can be used on any vehicle of any age, which may partially explain the popularity of the dateless style of personalised number plate among buyers in the UK. DATELESS Number plates from boldreg.co.uk - Easy search system with over 16Million number plates available - Celebrity Number Plates. Dateless private plates can be transferred to any age vehicle since the age-related rule - "you can't use a registration to make a vehicle appear newer than it is" - does not apply to dateless registrations. Bidders should note that for the duration of the auction, the registration plate '1 UEE’ is offered exclusively on the Collecting Cars platform. Enter your registration number below: Please remember to enter your spaces where they need to be as they aren't automatically added. If you are looking for low cost dateless number plates to hide the age of your vehicle, then our Budget Range of numbers under £99 … Dateless number plates are those that do not tell other motorists about the year in which a vehicle was built. Answer - Cherished Number Plate is a term used to describe a car registration issued to a vehicle before 1963 and it is a reference to high value dateless number plates traded in the UK but is a term also now adopted by other english speaking countries for different personalised number plate formats. Dateless/Cover Registrations. Apart from their appeal on cost and style, dateless number plates are also popular because they effectively camouflage the real age of a vehicle. This registration mark is a great ‘dateless’ number plate that would add a bespoke flourish to any cherished car. Mon to Sun - 9am to 9pm. When choosing a new number plate from a dealer the age of the vehicle must be displayed correctly by assigning the correct suffix or age identifier to the plate. Dateless number plates have continued to be popular because they are easily available and lend a charming air of nostalgia to the motoring experience. eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range of finance providers. DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Dateless number plates were issued up until 1963 when they were replaced by Suffix style number plates. This means that a dateless number plate can be re-assigned or transferred to any age of vehicle. It is impossible to identify the age of a vehicle from a dateless plate, as they carry none of the identifying patterns that usually help to distinguish the age of a vehicle. Dateless, in this sense, means that the registration does not contain a year identifier, such as a suffix or prefix letter, or the numerical code used in the current vehicle registration format. Regplates have over 99% of all available number plates available to buy online 24 hours a day. Cheap dateless plates The lowest priced numbers are registrations from Northern Ireland. These were created by local licensing authorities and were in the format of a code (this could be one or two letters) followed by a number between 1 and 9999. Initials, Names, Car Makes, Football Clubs, Bithdays, Hobbies, Sports…. Apart from hiding the true age of a vehicle, the continued appeal of dateless number plates also lies – albeit to a smaller extent – in their brevity and slightly nostalgic individuality. With the introduction of the age identifier legislation pertaining to registration transfers changed for good. Show your creativity and originality. Dateless reg plates come in a variety of formats based on how many letters and numbers are in the registration and whether it's the letters or numbers that come first. Originating in 1903, the first ever number plate to be issued was in fact A 1, issued in London at the time. Some 40 million registrations are potentially for sale at any given moment. 01952 588888 Open 8am -10pm 7 days a week. Some dealers will display the nearest available registration numbers, while frustratingly, others will only state that this particular search has not been successful, when the desired number is not in stock. AEZ 121 × × × × × earliest UK dateless number plates were issued using letters to stand for the region of issue, and sequential numbers as unique identifiers. If you want to go to our main website you can use our reg plate search facility. Dateless number plates have continued to be popular because they are easily available and lend a charming air of nostalgia to the motoring experience. Dateless vehicle number plates can be used to replace the registration plate of any vehicle, including cars, motorbikes, and vans. We have more than 56 million private registrations available in our database and this is regularly updated, meaning there’s a plate out there for every type of individual.

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