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There are a number of fancy machines and tools to do this, but the most basic way is with a wooden or metal meat mallet. This is a useful technique for tenderizing a steak. Score the steak with a very sharp knife. If you don’t have twelve hours to marinate meat, using a little bit of kiwi can make tender whatever you’re choosing to cook in minutes. Yogurt: We used vanilla yogurt – which may not have been the best choice. It is important to know that tenderizing your steak using salt doesn’t remove all the juices, it invigorates them. How to tenderize meat, especially venison or beef, using a hand cranked cuber. Milk is less acidic than most marinades, so it's not as likely to turn the meat mushy with an extended soak. What happens if you leave the solution on the meat longer than the 15 to 20 minutes we call for? You can also break down the collagen in meat with a mallet. Muscle fibers in meat are surrounded by layers of collagen, which is connective tissue. While mallets run the risk of over-tenderizing meat, modern needle tenderizers are pretty foolproof. With a couple of commonly used kitchen and pantry items, tenderizing cube steak is a quick and easy process. If it’s a younger deer it will be more tender. TENDERIZING DEER MEAT AND CUTTING DOWN ON WILD TASTE : Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and water. 1. Tenderizing by Hand Once you have butchered your animal, physically tenderizing cuts using a meat mallet will help with those tougher cuts of meat. Soak in milk at least 2 hours. They can be purchased from most kitchen supply stores. Cover both sides of the meat or poultry in a few layers of plastic wrap and beat it evenly all over until your cut is uniformly thin to your liking. Soak meat in mixture for 2 hours. These inexpensive cuts often have less fat than premium cuts. Tenderizing Meat with a Baking Soda Solution. The Weston Manual Heavy Duty Meat Cuber Tenderizer is the only option we could have selected for our premium choice. Tenderizing Venison or Any Meat February 8, 2015 Brooke Leave a comment. Use a non-reactive dish, such as one made of glass, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic, to prevent imparting an off taste or damaging the dish. ... A lot of the tenderness depends not only on the cut of meat; but also on the deer itself. Every cook has their own preferred method for transforming cheap, tough meat into delicious, tender mouthfuls. In some of our recipes, meat is treated with baking soda dissolved in water to keep it tender. So, while vinegar can help soften meat (not to mention fish and shellfish), it’s a slippery slope once the meat is soaking. Tenderize Meat With Brawn . Method #1: Using a special meat tenderizing tool. I’m not sure how it started, but my mom and every other Korean mom I know rub kiwi pulp on thin strips of flanken-style short ribs before dunking the ribs in a sweet soy sauce and garlic mixture, and grilling them to charred perfection. From chili-spiked steaks to Szechuan deer, check out these new and unexpected recipe ideas for venison marinades and make tonight's dinner unforgettable. https://www.grandviewoutdoors.com/venison-recipes/art-of-brining-wild-game Deer meat steaks may need tenderizing before cooking because venison meat is often "gamey" in taste and can be tough. The acidity in the ingredients will break down the muscle fibers in the meat to make it easier to chew. Marinate meat in the refrigerator. It was fairly effective at removing the gamy flavor, but it did impart a vanilla flavor to the meat … While this cut of meat comes packaged already tenderized, tenderizing it more helps bring out more flavor and softness in a meal. If you want to know how to cook the best fried deer meat there are a few secrets to cooking it that I have learned from my grandma and mama and I’m passing them down to you. Venison is a very lean meat and as it is low in fat content, it tends to dry out rather quickly. Physically tenderize the meat It was a common practice during the Mongol Empire, which spanned the 13 th and 14 th centuries, to ferment mare’s milk (that would be from the horse) into yogurt and use this to marinate meat—particularly those cuts that had become old and tough. With a few tricks, like the ones we’ve got below, you can have even budget-friendly and unfamiliar cuts super tender with just a little extra effort. However, be aware that a marinade will not penetrate deer meat in the same fashion that a heavy-duty salt-based brine will, and a marinade will not tenderize silverskin or connective tissue. A marinade will penetrate the muscle tissue of most meats for up to 1/8 of an inch during the course of a day; it's the time in the acid that really tenderizes the meat. I always leave mine in milk overnight. Something with a lot of connective tissue and collagen, like short ribs or oxtail, need to cook low and slow in a braising liquid for several hours.However, something with very little collagen, like a strip steak, might only need 10-12 minutes on a hot grill to achieve a tender medium rare." This is the perfect pick for butchers and people tenderizing swathes of meat at once and would suit and serious kitchen comfortably. What does soaking deer meat in milk do? When meat is cut from the bone while in sustained rigor mortis, the muscles are contracted, and will not relax again…thus causing the meat to be tougher. After the meat has reached your desired doneness, remove it from the grill and make sure to let it rest for at least 5 minutes to allow the juices to settle. Nov 1, 2014 - Deer meat steaks may need tenderizing before cooking because venison meat is often “gamey” in taste and can be tough. Most of these methods work on any kind of meat: beef, pork, lamb, goat, buffalo, venison, etc., and for each method, I list on which cuts it works best. You can buy special meat tenderizing tools. Meat pounder or needle tenderizer: Meat pounders or mallets are beyond easy to use. Understand how tenderizing meat with heat works. Buttermilk is good for much more than just pancakes and salad dressings. Every time I cook it I’m taken back to the good ‘ol days. Vanna Tran, an experienced cook, says: "That totally depends on what cut of beef you're cooking. Fried deer meat was always a staple in my childhood years. Here’s what to do with smaller cuts or slices you might stir-fry. When it comes to venison, marinades can tenderize and add flavor to this gamey meat. It also packs a gentle punch of acidity that tenderizes effectively without toughening meat, which often happens with highly acidic marinades. Pound the steaks with a meat mallet and then marinade them in a mixture that contains acidic ingredients. If you use milk, you will want to additionally use a chemical or physical method of tenderizing the meat before you cook it. Tenderizing these steaks prior to cooking, and slicing the meat against the grain will help yield tender results. Most importantly, marinating meat in an acidic sauce for at least 40 minutes has been shown by the American Cancer Society to reduce by up to 99 percent the amount of cancer-causing heterocyclic amines created when meat is cooked by a direct, open flame, i.e., grilling. Wayne Keyser | May 31, 2006 01:27 AM 46. Rinse meat and cover with milk. Here, I've gathered every meat-tenderizing technique in one place. I've had some miraculously tender bulgogi and "beef with broccoli", so tender I just can't picture off-the-shelf meat being that way. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/131713/fried-venison-backstrap There are several important points to remember when using a marinade: Quantity: The marinade should totally cover the But no matter the cause, soaking venison in milk or buttermilk reduces the gamey flavor. ① Dissolve baking soda in water (for every 12 ounces of meat, use 1 teaspoon of baking soda and ½ cup of water). Pound the steaks with a meat mallet and then marinade them in a mixture that contains acidic ingredients. I have seen the suggestion that many Asian restaurants tenderize beef by marinating in Coca-Cola. Find out how below, and don’t forget to ask your butcher about these cuts. Tenderizing meat with Coke??? 10 Best Venison Marinade Recipes. Well, tenderizing meat isn’t as difficult as you might think! While mallets run the risk of over-tenderizing meat, modern needle tenderizers are … They usually come in the form of wooden or metal mallets that have spiked heads with which to pound the meat, making it more tender. Great for frying steaks, makes them really tender. When the collagen gets heated up to a temperature of 140ºF (60ºC), the collagen will tighten and shrink, causing the meat’s juices to be squeezed out, making for a very dry cut of meat (which you don’t want unless you love really well-done steak). Baking soda sprinkled on meat and rubbed in evenly. A 12- to 24-hour marination nicely tenderizes an elk roast. … Some say the gamey taste in wild venison results from improper handling in the field or the deer’s diet. Chuck, round, London broil, and top sirloin steaks often benefit from tenderizing as well. When you use it as a marinade, it adds delicate flavor to foods.

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