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We provide daily status reports, as well as a weekly line item breakdown of hours worked.We are available for 40+ hrs per week.We can communicate on skype, slack, google hangout, and any other platforms.We work EST, CST, MT, PST. Our approach is clean and economical and allows our team to enter and exit your development process seamlessly, with no disruption. Guru’s knowledge base management software brings data from various sources together in a single, intuitive platform. Kickstart your team's knowledge base with Card templates created by experts. The suite of customizable modules enables our clients to improve procedures so they can focus on GROWTH. illustration-workflow-document-binary-numbers-monitor-software-application-360x179-jpg . At Infograins we work with start ups, small to medium size firms trying to get their business online, who either are looking for technology partners for extension / speeding up or for developing a …Read More. Guru's Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations make it easy for teams across your company to stay aligned, whenever and wherever they're working. Guru is a knowledge management solution that delivers everything you need. We deliver excellent service built upon an open dialogue... Smart Software Solutions is a professional custom software development company specializing in the development and hosting of web-based information systems, dynamic websites and custom applications.Are We Right For You?If you’re an ISV, SaaS provider, or a company where software development quality and speed matter for your success in the marketplace, Smart Software Solutions has been a software development augmentation firm since 2004. Knowledge Alerts keep teams current on real-time releases, updates, and more by bringing information to employees and letting you know they've seen it. Development. Give new employees a single place to find all the company knowledge they need to thrive, while you lower your costs of administrative support. Guru's features are designed to help your team, without interrupting their workflow. Give your team some time back by capturing and organizing everything they need to know in Guru. We are focused on providing cost effective and efficient business software solutions for businesses of all sizes from the mom and pop shop to the large enterprise. We specialise in website design, custom web development, mobile app development, custom software development, online marketing, server migration & maintenance etc. Located in cultural City of India, Vadodara, in the state of Gujarat. We would not be where we are today without Guru. We are looking for a dedicated Web Analytics Specialist who can quickly learn our website, email & text solutions and provide our clients with performance-driven focus on optimizing and providing best in breed reporting to our customers. We provide IT solutions for our customers. Get started for free! We prefer to work hourly, but do take fixed fee projects as long as the project requirements are well defined. GURU Bike Discovery provides bike fitters with software to convert a cyclist’s riding position into a complete bike solution – delivering a product recommendation with model, frame size and component selection to build the perfect bike. We possess a strong professional grip on … We serve a range of industries including Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Retail and Service. We are now over 200 employees and Guru is still our primary source of new clients. an input in the software, the … Missing a meeting or a DM doesn't mean missing critical information. But we also know these are just words – unless we can provide proof. Our professional website designers excel in many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of our client websites. Gurus Solutions’ dynamic team of business and technical professionals set the standard for best practices and collaborative methodology when it comes to the sales, servicing, and support of Oracle and NetSuite ERP.

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