Our Organic Raw Cacao Nibs deliver the rich taste of chocolate with a powerful punch of antioxidants that are essential for a vital, thriving body. Pure, raw cacao contains more flavonoids than blueberries, red wine, and green tea, and our cacao nibs are harvest directly from Mexico, where their health benefits have been known for thousands of years.  Enjoy our cacao nibs sprinkled on ice cream, baked into brownies, or just eaten plain as a midday snack.

Cacao Nibs – Pure, Raw Antioxidant Power

When the raw cacao bean is delicately opened, it reveals a perfect gift; a rich, flavorful treat that has the power to hinder disease and illness and promote a pleasurable outlook on life. Our raw cacao nibs are gently extracted from the cacao beans, where they are protected by a paper-thin shell. The nibs are collected packaged without processing, to deliver a final product that is pure bliss. Our cacao nibs taste great on their own but are also wonderful when mixed with yogurt and granola or steeped in teas. Grind a few with a little coconut oil for a delectable chocolate sauce or bake them into your favorite cookies.

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