Puya Pepper or chiles look very similar to the more popular Guajillo. Puyas tend to be a bit smaller and pack more heat (5,000 – 8,000 Scoville Heat Units) than the Guajillos (2,500-5,000 SHU). Puya chiles are considered a medium heat chile while Guajillos a more of a mild chile. The relationship between these two chiles closely resembles how the California Chile(also called Anaheim chiles) looks very similar to the New Mexico chile but with different heat levels.

Pronounced “POO-yuh”. The Puya chile is also sometimes referred to as “Pulla”. A member of the C.annum species the Puya chiles are plentiful in Mexico City and the surrounding region throughout the Central Valley of Mexico. Puya Chiles has been the center of a spirited debate among serious chile-heads in determining if it is a hybrid of the de Arbol or the Guajillo chile. We fall in the camp of it being related to the Guajillo.

Puya chiles are a favorite substitute of Guajillos by sophisticated chefs who are looking more for their fruity flavor more than for the flesh of the chile pod. This makes them ideal to be diced, pureed or mashed and then made into a sauce. 

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