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Chipotle Meco Chiles are from jalapenos left on the plant long enough to ripen and turn red fully. At this point, they are harvested and smoked dried for several days. Of the two types of Chipotle Chiles, Morita and Meco, the Chipotle Mecos are dried for twice as long as the Morita chiles.

  • Ingredients: Chipotle Meco Chile Peppers
  • Taste and Aroma: Chipotle Meco Powder is deeply smoky, mildly spicy, and has a grassy fruitiness.
  • Use in enchiladas, mole sauce, adobo-based marinades, and black bean-based dishes
  • Chipotle Meco Chile Powder is considered a medium-heat chile powder and has a rating of 5,000-10,000 SHU, or Scoville Heat Units.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Shelf Life 3 years
  • Origin: Mexico

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Chipotle, pronounced “chi-POHT-lay,” comes from the Nahuatl words “chilpoctli” or “xipoctli” meaning “smoked chile pepper.” The Nahuatl language is what the Aztecs spoke, a group of South American people who lived in what is today the central region of Mexico.Chipotle Chile Meco Powder

Chipotle, a staple of Southwest and Mexican cuisine adds a unique, smoky aroma and flavor to any dish. Great in Stews, Chili, BBQ Rubs Marinades, and much more. Chipotles are Jalapeño peppers that are ripened & dried on the vine and then smoked over mesquite. Our Chipotle comes straight from Mexico, specifically from growers in Vera Cruz and Guadalajara.

Chipotle Meco Powder


What’s the difference between Meco and Morita Chipotle? There are two types of Chipotles, the Meco and the Morita. They are both smoked Jalapeños but are harvested differently and each has its own distinct flavor. The Morita is by far the most common Chipotle here in the United States.

Morita’s are a relatively small jalapeño variety and are picked as soon as they ripen. They are then smoked, usually over mesquite. After smoking, they are small and dark, this is how they got the name Morita which roughly translates to “little blackberry” The Chipotle Meco is a large variety of jalapeño and is left to fully ripen and also dry on the vine. Also, the Meco chipotle is smoked for about twice as long as the Morita’s. The resulting Meco chile has a more intense flavor than Moritas and appears tan to brown in color. Some say that whole Mecos resemble cigar butts and are also referred to as Brown Chipotles.


Unlike chipotle moritas, chipotle Meco chiles are not often seen or used north of their native Mexico. The use of chipotle chiles is said to date back to the time of the ancient Aztecs, in central-southern Mexico. In fact, the name “chipotle” stems from the Nahuatl word “chilpoctil,” meaning smoked chile. Due to their growing popularity outside of Mexico, chipotle chiles are now grown in the United States as well. Our Chipotle Morita Chile Powder is made from 100% finely ground chipotle Morita chiles, capturing their smoky-sweet flavor and medium heat in a convenient powdered form.

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Weight 11 lbs
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