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New Pouch Food Grade Bag, Buy one and get one FREE 0.5 fl. oz eye dropper (same honey)
You will recognize it by its reddish color, its slightly more acidic taste, and its more liquid texture.
Ingredients: 100% Melipona Stingless Bee Honey Authentic, and Pure. / .325 grams
A great natural trehalulose source.
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Melipona Stingless Bee Raw Honey Gift Pack 8 fl. oz / One Eye Dropper 0.5 fl.oz Not Diluted Pure 2 BAGS KIT


You will recognize it by its reddish color, its slightly more acidic taste, and its more liquid texture. Effectively fighting the flu and respiratory diseases is an excellent revitalizing, serves to reduce anemia, and is good in case of ulcers and gastritis.


Melipona Bee Honey


Dosage: One tablespoon daily morning time.


What is Raw honey?


Raw Honey means no additional ingredients. —such as sugar, corn syrup, or artificial or natural flavoring—appear on the label. Raw honey may also be labeled as clover or raspberry honey, depending on which plant the bees derived their nectar from.


Melipona Honey 8 floz


What are the benefits of raw honey?


The phytonutrients in honey are responsible for its antioxidant properties, as well as its antibacterial and antifungal power. They’re also thought to be the reason raw honey has shown immune-boosting and anticancer benefits. Heavy processing destroys these valuable nutrients.


What are some of their Health Benefits?


  • Honey treats cardio issues.
  • Honey has the highest antibacterial properties.
  • Honey is good for the respiratory.
  • Honey is good for stomach cancer.
  • Honey is good for the skin.
  • Honey is good for your eyes.
  • Honey is a Natural Healthy Food.


What’s the difference between Raw honey and regular honey?


The main difference between regular and raw honey is that regular honey is pasteurized and filtered. Pasteurization is the process where honey is heated at high temperatures to kill any yeast that may be present in order to prevent fermentation. … Commercial honey is smooth and uniform in color.

Melipona Stingless Bee Raw Honey is Reddish-Amber from wildflowers from the tropical Mayan jungle, all-natural.


Is Raw honey good for your skin?


  • Four of the main skin-saving properties of honey. 
  • Acne: Honey is naturally antibacterial, so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention. 
  • Aging: Full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging. 
  • Complexion boost: It is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow.
  • Pores: Honey is clarifying because it opens up pores making them easy to unclog.



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