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Mexican oregano is related to lemon verbena and has a high volatile oil content. It is used in flavoring many dishes in Mexico and Central America. Mexican oregano is stronger and less sweet than Mediterranean oregano and is suited well for spicy, hot, dishes. It is a key flavoring for bean dishes and burritos. taco fillings, and salsas.

  • Gourmet Mexican Oregano
  • Spicier flavor than Mediterranean Oregano
  • Balanced nicely with cilantro, it’s a natural partner for cumin
  • Whole leaves
  • Shelf Life  2 year
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Origin: Mexico

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We’ve sourced  Mexican Oregano which is the most robust in flavor and packaged them. From the high mountains of  Mexico. Mexican oregano is an aromatic plant traditionally harvested from wild populations by rural communities.

Native to Mexico, it also grows in Central and South America and is sometimes referred to as Puerto Rican oregano.

Although this spice shares the basic pungent flavor of oregano from around the Mediterranean, it also has notes of citrus and mild licorice. The Mexican variety is generally used in highly spiced dishes because of its characteristically pungent flavor.


Organic Mexican Oregano


Mexican oregano, Lippia graveolens, is a member of the Labiatae family and a close relative of lemon verbena. Mexican oregano is not botanically related to common oregano and has a more intense flavor. It’s become better known in this country with the increasing popularity of Latin, Mexican, and South American cuisines. Mexican oregano is typically only used in its dried form. 

Mexican oregano has 3% to 4% essential oil, mainly thymol and carvacrol, which is about twice as much as the Mediterranean types.  


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Oregano is called tawabul (Arabic), Niú zhì (Mandarin), Origan (French), Oregano (German), ajavaayan kee Pattee (Hindi), origano (Italian), Oregano (Japanese), orégano (Portuguese), oregano (Russian) and orégano (Spanish). Mexican oregano is also known as Mexican marjoram, Mexican wild sage, oregano Cimmaron, redbrush lippia, scented lippia and scented matgrass. 


Mexican oregano grows up to a height of about 24” to 36” and has a mounding shape that is about 18” to 24” in diameter. This herb has open arching branches that are covered in small fragrant leaves with rough-toothed edges. Petite star-like white flowers of Mexican oregano are delicate and aromatic and they bloom throughout the year when grown in places where there is no frost. The flowers are followed by small round fruits that cluster at the tips of the branches.

Our organic Mexican oregano is grown and harvested in Mexico

Varieties of Oregano

There are so many different varieties of oregano that some in the culinary field feel that it should be considered a flavor and not an individual herb. Some of the more common varieties are common oregano (Origanum vulgare), Italian oregano (Origanum viride and Origanum virens), Spanish oregano (Thymus capitatus) and Syrian oregano (Origanum Syriacum). 


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Flavor Profile

Mexican oregano has an intense aroma of oregano, while the taste is a bit citrusy with subtle hints of lime and licorice.

When and Where to Use

In Mexico, it’s a signature flavor for bean dishes, burritos, moles, recados, tacos, tamales, and fresh salsa. Throughout Central and South America Mexican oregano is used in roasts, soups, meat soups, and baked vegetables. In the Dominican Republic it’s used to flavor sancocho (a hearty 7 meat stew), in Mexico it’s popular in pozole de frijol (bean stew), and in Ecuador, its added to fanesca ecuatoriana (also known as Easter soup). 

Mexican Oregano is outstanding in enchiladas, and also in egg and cheese dishes (such as Huevos Sonora). Mexican oregano is ideal for flavoring bean dishes, mixed fruit, tomato sauces, and stews. Combine olive oil with oregano and brush on foods for the grill or combine with other spices for a salt-free blend. The leaves of this herb are used to prepare a conventional “country tea” or herbal tea.

Mexican Oregano works well in combination with chili powder, chiles, cumin, garlic, onion, and pepper.

Some of our favorite recipes using Mexican oregano are Chicken Chili Verde, Pozole Rojo, Mexican Spaghetti, Creole Sausage, and Peppers. 


If you’re in a pinch you can substitute this herb 1:1 with either dried marjoram (which has a similar citrusy, floral flavor) or dried verbena.


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