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Vanilla beans are actually derived from orchid plants. The vanilla orchid flower isn’t a fancy one; it’s rather skinny, with no inflorescence, and a pale yellow pallor that can hardly be considered appealing. Yet the orchids of the genus Vanilla aren’t prized for their looks but the seed pods they produce. These seed pods are packed with vanillin – the fragrant organic compound responsible for vanilla flavor.
  • Grade: Grade A (Gourmet/Premium/Prime)                  
  • Length: 6-7 inches (16cm – 17.5cm)
  • Moisture Content: 25-30%
  • Flavor Profile: complex, creamy, delicate, smooth
  • Qualities: All Natural, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Country of Origin: Mexico

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Vanilla beans grade A Gourmet is a flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, primarily from the Mexican species, flat-leaved vanilla. The word vanilla, derived from the diminutive of the Spanish word vaina, is translated simply as “little pod”.

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Mexican Vanilla 

The Spanish first discovered Vanilla in Mexico, where it grew wild on the fringes of tropical forests. Known as a principal flavoring agent, the Aztecs used it in chocolate drinks and the Spanish added it to sangria.

Vanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, primarily from the Mexican species, flat-leaved vanilla. The word vanilla, derived from the diminutive of the Spanish word vaina, is translated simply as “little pod”.

Long coveted for its delicious flavor and tantalizing scent, vanilla beans
has been one of the world’s most precious spices for thousands of years.

Our vanilla beans instantly fill the air with a delicious enticing fragrance, reminiscent of one of the seven exotic locales where we source our beans.

Mexican Vanilla Beans

Grade ” A “

Rich and smooth with subtle tones of smoke characterize the flavor of these premium Mexican Vanilla Beans. Perfect for many baked goods, so try them in creme sauces, ice cream, and other wonderful desserts or recipes

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Mexican Vanilla Beans Grades 

How To Use a Vanilla Bean

Use the seeds immediately: The scraped seeds can be mixed right in your recipe along with the other ingredients. Use them right away. Use the empty pod: The scraped-out pods can be used to infuse milk or cream with subtle vanilla flavor, or you can stick them in a jar of sugar to make vanilla-scented sugar.

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Vanilla beans are magical

Vanilla beans are magical. Not only do they look like fairy wands and have an aroma that always brings me to a standstill, but these beans have the ability to transform scoops of ice cream into childhood memories and dishes of crème brûlée into marriage proposals. They are definitely not to be squandered or taken for granted. Let’s talk about how to make the most of a vanilla bean when you have a recipe that calls for one.

Why Vanilla Beans Are So Special

Vanilla beans are the fruits of a few very particular kinds of orchids, and they require special growing conditions and careful handling to thrive. Once harvested, the pods also have to be dried, cured, and then aged — all before becoming the baking ingredient we know and love.

This means that real, whole vanilla beans are one of the most expensive spices in our cupboards. But vanilla beans return the favor by providing us with such rich, intense aromas and flavors in our baked goods. They’re a special ingredient, but worth it.

Buy Plump, Glossy Vanilla Beans

If possible, buy your beans where you can see them and feel them through the packaging. Look for the plump vanilla beans that look glossy on the outside and bend a little when you touch them. Beans that are desiccated, dull-looking, or brittle are too old and it will be very hard to scrape out the beans inside.

Store Vanilla Beans Away from Heat or Light

Store vanilla beans at room temperature away from heat or sunlight, like in a cupboard. If you have leftover unused vanilla beans after opening the package, store them in a plastic bag with the air pressed out or in a vacuum-sealed bag.

As tempting as it might be to stash vanilla beans away for a special occasion, they are best when used within a few weeks of buying them. Beans will slowly dry out over time, even if kept sealed in their original packaging, so use them while they’re still at their best.

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Scrape the seeds out

Using Real Vanilla Beans in a Recipe

Wait to scrape the seeds out of the vanilla pod until you’re ready to use them. They can be mixed right in along with the rest of the ingredients — no other preparation required. When you serve your recipe, you’ll see the tiny black flecks of vanilla bean dispersed throughout.

One vanilla bean is roughly equivalent to about 3 teaspoons vanilla extract, so if you’re substituting one for the other, you may only need part of a vanilla bean to make a recipe calling for extract — this said, a little extra vanilla bean generally doesn’t hurt! The extra seeds will give your recipe a warm, rich, fully infused vanilla flavor.

Use Your Vanilla Pods!

For baking, we’re usually most interested in the tiny seeds inside the vanilla pod, but the pods themselves have a lot of flavors, too. You can use the scraped-out pods to infuse milk or cream with subtle vanilla flavor, or you can stick them in a jar of sugar to make vanilla-scented sugar. You can get some life out of any forgotten, dried-out pods unearthed from your cupboard in these ways, as well.

How To Scrape the Seeds from a Vanilla Bean

What You Need

1 vanilla bean

Cutting board
Paring knife


  1. Split the vanilla bean down its length using the paring knife.
  2. Scrape out the seeds: Working with one half at a time, hold down the tip of the bean against the cutting board. Use the dull side of your paring knife — not the sharp side — and scrape the vanilla beans from the pod. Move from the tip of the pod, where you are holding it, and scrape down the entire length.
  3. Use the seeds immediately: scrape the seeds out can be mixed right into your recipe along with the other ingredients. Use them right away.
  4. Use the empty pod: The scraped-out pods can be used to infuse milk or cream with subtle vanilla flavor, or you can stick them in a jar of sugar to make vanilla-scented sugar.
  5. Store unused vanilla beans: Store unused pods in a plastic bag with the air pressed out or in a vacuum-sealed bag. Use within a few weeks; the pods will gradually dry out over time.

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Scrape the seeds out

Recipe: Apricot-Vanilla Bean Jam

Flecked with real vanilla bean, this brilliantly hued apricot jam is summertime in a jar — and it makes the most beautiful edible gift.

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 Cut the apricots into halves!

Makes about 4 cups

2 pounds ripe apricots
1/4 cup water
Small wedge fresh lemon
2 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1 to 2 vanilla beans

Cut the apricots in half and remove the pits. Place apricot halves, water, the juice of the lemon, and the lemon rind itself in a large non-reactive pot. Stirring intermittently, cook over medium-high heat until the juices begin to boil. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer until the apricots are soft and tender, 5 to 10 minutes.

Once soft and tender, stir in the sugar. Split the vanilla beans down their length, scrape out the seeds, then add both the seeds and the pods to the pot. Increase the heat back up to high and bring to a rolling boil. Clip on a candy thermometer and continue to cook, while stirring, until the jam thickens and reaches about 220°F.

Carefully remove the vanilla bean pods and lemon rind. Ladle the jam into clean 4-ounce, half-pint, or pint-sized glass jars and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Recipe Notes

  • Taste your fruit first to check for ripeness and sweetness. Additional sugar may be required.
  • This recipe keeps the skin on the apricot before cooking. You can remove the skins before cooking if you like.
  • To check for doneness, place a small plate in the freezer when you start the recipe. As the jam nears completion, place a small amount on the plate and return the freezer. If the jam wrinkles as you nudge it, it is done.

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Make It! Small-Batch Apricot Jam

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    5 out of 5

    high vanillian contain I bought the beans to make my own extract. Ten beans split, scraped and stuffed into a used W/Turkey fifth and fill with vodka. This is more flavorful than the store bought vanilla. I will definitely be back to buy more.

    4 out of 5

    Good value Since my first purchase, I have placed two more orders. Their Mexican Vanilla Beans are much larger and far superior in quality than any other beans I've purchased, period.

    5 out of 5

    Fresh and Tasty beautiful vanilla beans, just right.

    4 out of 5

    Very Fresh I am a repeat customer and love the quality and freshness of these beans. They make the most amazing homemade vanilla.

    4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great Quality Very good quality , I use Vanilla Beans for extract. Thanks

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