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13 Music for the jilted generation Prodigy Getting above 12 (out of 16) on this art picture quiz is considered a good score. Can you name the 75 (mostly) Great bands or singers hidden in this picture? Us, Legal pages Remember to check the answers with another source! The illustrated bands range from obvious to obscure, and some parts of the picture can represent more than one band name. We have latest answers for all 100 pics game packs! Support our cause, go along to your local Pub Quiz. Welcome to 100 pics quiz cheats website. Picture Quiz 34 - The Entertaining 80s. Name the celebrities in these 20 pictures who hit the headlines in the 1970s. If you have not found the answers yet or if you want to confirm your answers, here is a list of 30 songs that the picture portrays. Quiz4FREEintro  And PLEASE share it with your contacts. Walk to Moon 5. This pack is easy at first, with well-known music subjects such as Wham. 34. Complete the Album Title... With a Picture 19; Album Cover Jigsaw Puzzles 18; Finish the Two-Word Band 16; Bands and Groups by Image A-Z 14; Bands and Groups by Image A-Z IV 9; Bands With Lead Singers Removed 8; Bands and Groups by Image A-Z II 8; Bands Missing First Letter Match-Up 4; Click the Queen Albums 4 40. ALSO READ | Identify The Fruit Name: Know The Answers Of This Brain-teasing Whatsapp Quiz your local Pub Quiz. Three Doors Down 7. Picture: Radio X Here's your challenge: we'll show you a series of emojis - all you have to do is get our cryptic clue to the name of a well-known Radio X band! Pop Quiz: Guess the Bands From the Picture Puzzles Start Slideshow. Picture Quiz 17 - Coolest Album Covers Coolest Album Covers-Name the Artists/Bands. Posted by Virgin Digital, this impressive snap shows a bustling street flank… Distribute equally = Cher. Dark Sunday = Black Sabbath. . google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8798261864164000"; And don't forget to listen to the right mood music while you answer the questions. You'll want to headbang to Aerosmith, the Clash, Radiohead and other top bands, because that too, will give you hints about the solution. Picture house tune = Roxy Music. Ham or beef sandwiches = Meatloaf. DragonForce compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do Have fun!!! for your teams and the answers separately for the quizmaster), View Jim, , Copyright (C) Have a shot at it yourself. Jim When 1. Think of it as your own Pictionary game. If you'd like to see it in the flesh or would like to send it to someone else as a … Pictures Home Can you figure out all 72 bands in the picture? Coolest Album Covers But unless you are a music expert, you are going to need help recognizing the answers in the later levels. Find us on FaceBook.

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